Everyday Yoga

seated twist

proud warrior

child's pose

Sanskrit for "to unite" yoga joins spirituality to the physical. Breathing and maintaining postures is the most common form, Hatha which means sun and moon.
I practice a small bit of yoga daily, my most important poses, triangle and upward and downward dog. Years ago I religiously attended a class were Kundalini was practiced. Which seemed the same to me as Hatha, but Kundalini is the practice linked with chakras and spine movement as well as meditation. It's all good. Acceptance, patience, and the breath.
I suppose I should illustrate the poses I like the most, but above seated twist, proud warrior and child's pose are all very beneficial.
© Heidi Younger


sheree said...

hey heidi,

i love the textures and i really love how you repeat certain themes - the obvious being the cat and the not so obvious being the light (sun, moon & candle, and an aura over the child pose and also nature being represented in each piece too!) :)

Chad Wallace said...

Heidi these are fantastic, and don't worry about your hair you look beautiful. I've been meaning to build up the courage to go to a yoga studio and ask if they'd be willing to let me draw. I think it would be interesting as you've already discovered.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Yes Chad, join a class and participate- b/c then you'll know each pose when it comes time to draw it.
I've wanted to hire a model who does yoga for my classes. I thought it would be perfect as each pose must be held for a period of time, just enough time to sketch it.
Again, Congratulations on your award! You're an amazing artist!

Nicola said...

Beautiful; amazing strong, yet gentle, images. They carry a sense of the "timelessness" of the yoga practice, and, at the same time, they are brilliantly set in the modern context.