Opening Mills Pond House St James NY

It seems that my image from the show made the cover of the local news paper. I am guessing because it's an illustration. Thus proving illustration says sooo much more....
(kidding fine artists out there). It was a nice surprise, they even make mention of the piece in the article. I only wish it came with a check. cheers

----- P A R T 1 ------

Inspiring Ecological Awareness Through Art; this show investigates the recycling of materials to create new art. I however, always the illustrator, show my version on reuse.
This image was created last fall read about it - c l i c k -
Hope to see you there.

Reception is 2-4 this Sunday, July 20th.

A M E N D E D --- P A R T II -----

Despite the Heat and Humidity (which you can plainly see in my hair) people came to the opening. My piece was the most different of the entire show as it wasn't created from anything recycled, but alas it was an illustration depicting the reuse of shopping bags. A rule at which I live by. If you examine my piece you will notice that the guy drives a SUV.

The gallery had set aside a room for kids to create their own art. I was taken by this piece.

Paul and Maria D'Amico, Paul is creative director of Pen Pixel design.

Me and my niece Elizabeth who will be turning 12 in September.

Chris my nephew (turning 9 very soon) with his creation, a house for his 3 pet gerbils. Below, Christ diligently working.

Chris's friend Joe with his "robot" we ended up staying the entire time and I can say everyone had such fun. What if every gallery opening had a room where people can create right there on the spot after being inspired?

That's me helping out with the technical aspects.

Chris proudly displays the house, the gerbils names are Max, Chester, and Chewy, see accompanying illustrations.

The End!


Scott Bakal said...

Congratulations on the show! I saw the rest of the show via online and have to say your piece did stand out and if I may be so bold, the best of the bunch! Your hair looks great.

Stephen Gardner said...

Nice one Heidi, i always had you down as a cover girl. Front page news, You deserve a pint and a bacon sandwich, well done.