Drawings to Paintings

In my Hand • Book from last spring

Using sketches from my sketchbooks and incorporating them into my paintings.

Acrylic on canvas - man and bird

My paintings are usually long time in the making. Usually starting in one direction, and with many paint overs transform into something that finally works. I can't use a white canvas, not even a toned one. It always has to be an evolution. But always drawing inspiration from my carry-a-long sketchbooks.

Two are better than one, sometimes...

I've been interested in form, shapes and especially overlap with line thick and thins utilizing drawings all the while using color graphically.

My beloved dog Cookie relaxing on her back, the ziplock bag of pens next to her on the left.

I've finished my first moleskine and am back to a more absorbent paper book - Quattro by Hand • Book. Making the switch was hard, by the time I really finally understood how to use the moleskines unique surface it was finished. I nearly wanted to run out and get another one, but alas I already had these other books. I guess a good exercise in surface flexibility.

I still like straight pen and ink drawings, especially with this subject (beloved dog).

© Heidi Younger

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