Bits & Pieces from Fall 2008

A few small exhibits here and there. I can finally say that I had a piece hang at the Society of Illustrators NY for the Educators Symposium October 2008. It was the "cutting the traditional hair" piece from the NY Times.

Heidi -October 11 Society of Illustrators

I've been working small and showing small, I don't know why? Just easier to transport, I am such a weakling. So much for the gym, lol.
My linoleum "Street Performer" is currently displayed in the members show at the Mills Pond House STAC (Smithtown Township Arts Council) in St James NY.

Nov 9

My piece made the local paper too. This happened last summer also with the Ecological show.

Smithtown News - November 6, 2008

I have been an illustrator for 20 years and have seen my work reproduced in many venues including murals and TV etc. and yet these fine art pieces that make it into the local paper really get me.

Oh yes as long as I'm blowing my own horn, I am one of the Showcased illustrators in the latest 3x3 magazine # 11. On sale at newsstands and magazine shops now!

3x3 issue 11


jcdillustration said...

Congrats on your exhibits and annual! Your style is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!

Alex Ariza said...

woah nice job getting that haircut piece in the society!

very very cool.

Anonymous said...

If Ray Johnson hadn't gone swimming I'm sure he would've liked what you did with "him". Kudos.