Open The Book To Find Inspiration

from sketchbook 2006

Again the clues come from the sketchbook. Works done with spontaneity become paintings, why should it be any different?
Sketchbooks and drawings contained within always hold some key for me, this piece was from a sketchbook from 2006. I was experimenting with lines as texture with hidden forms and the heart bird that has been reoccurring in my works for a few years now.

The Tree-acrylic on canvas 15x18 - 2009* painted over a dreadful oil painting I had done in Grad school- thank God for Gesso!

from sketchbook fall - 2008

From this past Fall's sketchbook "him" more spontaneous sketches now realized on canvas. I dedicate this piece to 'him,' who opened me up to myself, where I found a real life and deeper meaning. I also return to my black sketchbook period a tad here with a bit of collage.

Him- acrylic on canvas 11x14 - 2009

I've been going through boxes and boxes of old illustrations and sketches and things that had made up my life for the last 20 years, I stumbled across these photos of me. 1982-3 I was 17 year old. I did have that hair thing going on. I like to refer to it as my "fro" days. Big hair and proud.


I have to laugh at the whole Picasso book pix, at 14 I was a huge fan and even went to the retrospect at the MOMA in 1980 at age 14, thanks Dad for seeing that in me and taking me.

Going through boxes I've found jobs I've done that I don't even remember doing. 25 apox. boxes of this stuff, and still counting. Maybe it's a good thing that I went completely digital 8 years ago. I would have had even more boxes.

I recommend the book Clear the Cutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.
By opening up space you can allow the life force to heal and bless you. Pretty awesome.

© Heidi Younger

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rockugurl said...

Wow, seeing a young version of you is very interesting, that hair is so eighties! You still have that same fresh face ;)