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Western Union April 1994

More pieces from the "black" sketchbook phase, I find myself inspired by the quick spontaneous images that I remember creating and that sense of adventure and freedom that went into image making. Digging through the past to perhaps find the future - that thought has been echoing in my mind. I think about getting more liberal in my commercial work, less regimented. Illustration seemed to force a strictness over me, by following the sketch completely to always please the client. I think that I should let go that type of thinking and method. Maybe view creating art in a whole new manner, for the New Year (sorry I just couldn't help that).

1997- The "Win Fax Pro" was one of my illustrations for a software package.

ancient grave

I have been learning to let go of things from the past, both emotional and physical. I've been sorting out all my art works, sketchbooks and paintings, illustrations from the past 20 years. So many memories come attached to these works. I ponder letting go of all this accumulated stuff. Why did I save something and when is it time to throw it out?
I 've been preparing to move to a much smaller space, it's necessary to let go of old art stuff as well as those old pair of sneakers that I don't know why I didn't chuck years ago? I am usually a good purger. Making judgment calls, what is worthy to keep and why? And the same for why should something go as well.

May 10, 1994 The Solar Eclipse

I remember that day, it was May the trees were in bloom, pink and white. It was the middle of the day and the eclipse took place. It was amazing, my apartment had 14 windows and a little roof deck, I went out and watched the sky become dark. It really was a surreal-type moment. I felt strangely apart of the big picture. I went inside and did this in the sketchbook, which was a visual diary.

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