Happy Birthday Beloved pup

Cookie power

Friday was my Dachshund Cookie's 11th Birthday. Although all gray in front, she still plays like a puppy. New toys, fun walks and another younger dog friend Coop, a long haired chihuahua, she's a happy pup. Two years ago she suffered through back surgery which left her rear legs paralyzed. She has a customized Doggy wheelchair and gets by with it very amazingly. She runs and plays and even takes a little nap all in her little chair. Wherever she goes she makes friends and has inspired many people.
Here's to my little muse, Happy 11th Cooker.
© Heidi Younger

This past summer at the park

An older dogs naps- my moleskine part II


Stephen Gardner said...

Happy Birthday indeed, 11 years old, in England that is old enough to drink, buy him one for me.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Cheers Stephen! Cookie is a lady, despite that she loves beer! (so does her Mommy). She got a few plush Squeaky toys, which she loved with her beer... lol