Throw it out, Please!!

NY Times Regional March 1, 2009

Sketch for Rags

As irony will have it, I've been undergoing a possession purge when this assignment came my way. It's about a woman who adores her "rag" collection. (yes you read right, Rag collection). Her rags came from old cloths, cloths that contained memories they belonged to family members. She wouldn't throw any of these unwearable cloths away, instead she cut them up for her rag collection. She was a decedent from a frugal woman who utilized everything. Commendable really, but I started thinking about the 20/80% factor- we only use 20% of our belongings while 80% remain unused. I've had to ask myself what is my 20% and make those decisions as to what I should save and what to give away, or to throw out. Personally I would throw that bloody shirt out.

I loved this plate, but it broke so I photographed it and chucked it.

It amazes me as to what things I want to keep and why, while releasing belongings that have no use anymore.
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