Jamacia Bay Wildlife Perserve

Gravel pathway, JFK airport right around the corner

Who knew in the heart of the city exists these small patches of nature. The bird sanctuary featured many charming bird species such as the Osprey and Tree Swallows as well as those Canadian Geese which seem to have adapted to every environment. The season is unique, on the verge of change and the birds were in their phases of nesting and mating.

Osprey nest with a chick in it.

Osprey parent going fishing.

Over head birds of prey flew by, didn't know what species but it was exhilarating to see. The day was warm, the season is about to change.
Some excitement at that in both humans and birds.

Jamaica Bay Varrazano-Narrow Bridge in the distance.

Nesting Boxes with various Tree Swallows getting busy.

Canadian Goose on her nest, I was taken with her big brown eyes.
© Heidi Younger

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