Windy Website

Web art showing the different aspects of design.

Illustrations and website design for an Engineering Firm. E Windward LLC.
The challenge was not to depict something too technical but something that is comprehendible to a larger population. The general market was aimed for the small inventor and their lawyers. The site was set up to be simple, the art was created to show the different aspects of the firm.
Product development, having an idea or having an existing product and to engineer or reverse engineer it into the language of design. CAD, 3-D, blue-prints, to prototypes then to production. The firm has many contacts in New York to China. Anything can be created and produced.
I wanted to limited the colors to create a high-end feel. In the end the client was pleased.

Engineering and Production

© Heidi Younger


Stephen Gardner said...

Fantastic work Heidi, I really love these images.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Stephen, Welcome back!