Deep 6 - Studio Visit

Gowanus Brooklyn, land-of-lofts for rent for the creatives; Gowanus Canal.

The other day I visited Deep 6 in Gowanus Brooklyn. This industrial area is home to many artists who occupy the studios in old warehouses. Deep 6 is home to a few of the members of Act-i-vate, an independent comic book collective who champions independent web comics. My friend Mike Cavallaro is one of the founding members with his noted titles such as Parade which was nominated for an Eisner Award, and Loviathan a story that plunges readers to the depths of Atlantis and my favorite 66 KMPH, and many others.

Other Deep 6 studio mates, also members of Act-i-vate, where there include: Dean Haspiel aka Dino, Leland Puvis and Simon Fraser, all working on their various projects.
Their camaraderie made such a working environment so attractive. Tim Hamilton was away but his amazing work was there for me to lust for.

Simon Fraser with his dinosour collection

The best decaf I ever had at Bar Tano 457 3rd Ave @ 9th St Brooklyn NY

The artists inhabiting Deep 6 are welcoming and love visitors who have an interest and passion for comic art, or art in general. Together they do lectures and aid in education of young hopeful comic artists.
I had a great day ending at Bar Tano with views of the suspended F train racing by every 10 minutes.

The day before my visit the studio hosted Scott McCloud, yes that's his work.

Also not to be missed the amazing dancer Lisa Natoli will be preforming Friday Feb 5th at The Brooklyn Lyceum where she preforms arial dance titled: "Things I Have Borrowed, Stolen, and Forgotten to Give Back."
"An arial evening navigating the dissolution of spectacle through place and time."

© Heidi Younger


man-size said...

it was lovely to meet you and i adore your art. thanks for writing this charming overview of your visit. please come again...often!


man-size said...

you are lovely and i really dig your art. SUCH TALENT. thanks for writing this post and for taking pix. i promise to smile next time. please, swing by DEEP6, often.


heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Dean, I had a great time. There is so much talent under the train trestle.
I will be in touch! Especially about that piece we talked about... I have an idea too.
Take care!