My Oh My Mono- Prints

experimental printmaking continues

Lots on the burner lately, a few new projects but this post is about my continuing with the experimental printmaking.
I've been experimenting for a few years now, mainly using a relief print and mono-print technique, combining them.

no editions here, all the plates vary in color and position

During this journey I've used collage and various plates and colors for combinations that are each different, alas a mono-print. Ripping paper, overlapping, using papers of various values, all contribute to a print that is unique, a mono-print. I've also been trying out the new softer plates.. unlike the harder-to-cut linoleum. I was surprised to find that art shops such as Blick are offering so many of these softer plates. Some are like larger rubber stamps, soft and pink but so easy to cut. I've been combining both the traditional linoleum with the soft ones.

I am liking the results, the overlap and texture with papers

My theme is "Elements" which is a project I've been toying with; images made up of various elements that inter relate to each other based on the elements. I've been painting skulls and birds for 15 years now, and now I've been translating them into prints. This is just the beginning as I hope to expand greatly, even in relative size and more colors.

My linocuts are offered for sale, check out my store for very affordable original art.

© Heidi Younger


get zapped said...

Very cool work! I Strong imagery. I just saw a show of John Buck's impressive prints. Your work reminded me of his...


heidi Younger Illustration said...

Very cool works by John Buck. Thanks for posting!
: )

marry said...

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sheree said...

really nice pieces heidi :)

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