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iphone app Paintbook

It's been a year since I got my iphone, and since November when I got the app Paintbook. I've been a big chicken about drawing on the train, this app makes me much less fearful. I appear as I am playing a game, or sending a text, but I'm drawing. Mainly subway train drawings, I take the E train mostly. These sketches are very fast, I just want to captsure the jester of the figure. The screen is fairly tiny and you MUST use your finger. As for the banana....?
© Heidi Younger


Star said...

wow, that is actually pretty amazing

Izabela Gabrielson said...

Hi Heidi,

It was so nice to meet you yesterday!
Btw, I had no idea there was a drawing app on the iphone!:)

Izabela Gabrielson


heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks fellow bloggers. Yes, paint book is very fun, simple to use and cheap. There are so many doodling apps but I like this the best!
Thanks for posting.