Summer Vacations starts with a trip to the Met to draw

Finally a bit of down time during the Memorial Day Weekend and what better way to spend it, with two friends drawing at the Met. While other people spent the day outdoors soaking up the incoming summer warmth, we dove to the inside, with the labyrinth that the Met offers we wandered the wings and corridors to settle in to draw in the Greek-Roman sculpture wing. When you really look at these sculptures you sense the ancient's amazement to the human form. They appreciated the idealized form as most of us do.

Wandering still we found ourself in the Eastern Civilizations wing, the funky Mesopotamians with their writing the laws down and all. Funny I've been in a wild cyber conversation about the song Mesopotamian by one of my favorite bands of all times, the B-52's.
We marveled at the hands and the long detail patterned beards. We came upon a strange little bronze of what looked to be an "elf" right out of a fairy tale but it was not to be mistaken it belonged to the civilizations of the Near East, Persia. Inga expressed her amazement at the little guy.

We concluded the day on the roof of the met with the interactive bamboo sculpture by Doug + Mike Starn called Big Bambu. We drank wine and soaked in the pink orange colors of the fading sun.

Thanks art playmates, Inga Poslitur and Charles Basman. Let's plan for another day of fun.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
New York, New York 10028-0198

© Heidi Younger

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Anonymous said...

I think we did a great bunch of sketches, Heidi, on that day! I finished mine with three Graces (it's the stature of three naked damsels behind Charles). And wine on the roof top was just perfect. Aren't you, guys, glad I sneaked in nuts with me? Inga