Box Card Set- FIT Alumni Association

FIT Alumni Card Set Arrived January 2011

It was so cool to get my copy of the Alumni Card set, where along with my fellow Alumnus our images are used on these greeting cards.To purchase please contact the
or click this LINK.

Artist include: Center Heidi Younger, on left John Jay Cabuay, back Bil Donovan and on right, back Jillian Leedy.

------------ Sketchbook updates---------------

Whisky and Rotwielers
Sketches from my winter break

Ink on hot surface bristle board

It's easier to draw sleeping dogs then anything else that moves..
I've spent my winter break doing this very thing.

Brown and Orange marker sketches

Ink and markers, watercolor on bristle- this bottle is very interesting with the melted red wax dripping down. Each bottle is different because of this.

Black sumi ink with silver pencil, in sketchbook

Cookie the sleeping Doxie

Next month one of my Cookie sketches from my sketchbook will be published in The Bark Magazine... Check back soon!

All Images © Heidi Younger Illustration

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sheree boyd said...

love the Rottweiler drawings...so whisky and dogs go together? :) after seeing all the things Bea has chewed up there are times a glass of whisky would come in handy.