Ted and Pinky

For ages 4-6

Pinky is a common house cat, however she is pink with red tones. She is quick, and clever. She can talk but uses her identity as a cat to remain clever. She’s the brain of the team. Often it is up to her to rescue Ted who because of his daftness and fixation with flowers has gotten in a fix and needs help.
Together they travel around and meet the other creatures of the landscape.

Ted is a silent tiny boy-man, youthful or rather ageless in appearance, who has beautiful designed butterfly wings, he’s half insect. Because of his tiny size sometimes he gets mistaken as an insect, especially when he’s flying. He wears a mask to conceal his identity, but really he’s like a ‘Peter Pan’ character except he’s a bit daft. Because he’s half butterfly, he is mesmerized by flowers and can’t help but to gaze into a flower for long periods of time. He can fly but rather spend his time riding on the back of a Pinky.

They first met when Pinky rescued Ted after he got caught in a spider’s web and was about to become Lunch. Since that time Ted has been riding on Pinky’s shoulders ever since. Pinky is amused by Ted, as he is a unique creature, she also likes that he’s not a gabber. She views him as her own little treasure. We don’t know what motivates Ted, he realizes Pinky has been saving his skin and he just stays, except when there’s a flower.

Spiders make many appearances as antagonists in the story as Ted is a delicious meal to them and Pink likes to play and eventually eat them.
There is one spider in particular that has proven to be menacing. Her name is Jane. She is as clever, or just plain lucky, as pinky and was able to elude her but her focus is to catch Ted, not just because he’ll make a tasty snack, but also because it will bother Pinky. She is large, black and ugly with small hairs on her 8 legs. She often lurks near pretty flowers because she knows there’s a chance to catch Ted.

The story seems to revolve around Jane's obsession with Ted. She stalks him, waiting for the moment Pinky isn't paying attention.

But alas, Pinky always comes to Ted's rescue.

The proposed strip

Pinky has been making her way around the studio

Alas Pinky has broken away from the 2-D world, like I said, she's clever...
© Heidi Younger

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sheree boyd said...

so fantastic Heidi. i love 3-d Pinky. Whatever happened to the comic strip?! :(

I admit I'm half rooting for Jane to eat Ted b/c he is such a dumb bunny...but I like that Pinky keeps Ted b/c she finds him amusing...kinda like catnip is amusing...haha :)

love the color combos!

how's Cookie? Georgia may get her splint off next week!