Let That Sleeping Dog Lie

Cookie loves her fame, can't you tell?

Moleskine sketchbook drawing

Cameron Woo, art director from The Bark magazine, a hip dog publication, contacted me about using some of my drawings of Cookie that he found right here on my blog. Cool! I thought, these 5 minute quick sketches of my dog laying with me on the couch in the evening getting published in a dog fancier mag. I thought it was really cool how he let the sketchbook fold, gutter show. Not disguising the fact it's in a sketchbook. Something new for me, a more casual approach.
Check out the Feb/March 2011 Issue of The Bark.

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The muse in all her glory

© Heidi Younger


Christian Castro said...

Great piece Heidi! I love seeing documentary style art get noticed by the editorial industry.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Christian! Me too!