Hot Wheels, Indeed

The caption reads: " Cookie, a 12-year old long-haired miniature Dachshund, gets a petting from owner Heidi Younger during a walk along Yellowstone Boulevard in Forest Hills. Cookie had a herniated disk and is partially paralyzed, so the pup now uses a blinged-out set of wheels to walk and run."

Last month a reporter found Cookie and I while we were taking our daily walk. I just received the paper and was elated to see that she made the front cover. My famous local dachshund strikes again. Thanks Christina Santucci of the Forest Hills Ledger.

Winter spend hanging out on the couch.

Birthday Bone- Cookie is now 13!


sheree boyd said...

awww!!!! i love how you can see Cookie's tongue...haha...she looks like a puppy :)

love the profile photo with her head hair blowing in the wind!

Aldona said...

I always look forward to seeing Cookie and Heidi walking about Yellowstone Park. Cookie is a sweetie. She is always on the alert for "monkeys" (squirrels) and loves to chase after them.

Happy 13th Birthday, Heidi!

Aldona said...

Oops I mean Happy 13th Birthday Cookie!