Finish of Jesus, but alas he was killed

I was a bit shocked and delighted when I was commissioned to illustrate Jesus. Mainly because I barely do portraits and heck, a portrait of one such elusive person, or should I say God? Anyway like I said I was delighted. It was for a kids religious magazine, so Jesus needed to be approachable, joyful, happy, "kid-like" even. I tried my best to depict those elements, but in the end the job was killed. Alas, Jesus was rejected and then the job was killed. I went on to do the finish anyway. I thought it would have made a neat illustration. What do you think? I also think I should attempt more portraits.
© Heidi Younger

The sketch


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sheree boyd said...

okay, i just sent an email regarding our mutual killed Jesus drawings! hahahahaha...looks like i'll have to do a post and link yours as well. :)

Sorah said...

This is nice. I like this peice.