I like to rub and press

tree series 15 x 19 each

I can only classify my latest print works as mono-types, as I've been combining many forms of printmaking. They are mainly done without a press, but alas my dreams are headed to a press one day soon. I've used "roller" prints, that is where you create and image using, in my case, poster and card boards then glue them down and then use a brayer (roller) over a sheet of rice paper to pick up the image, like a rubbing. I've also employed my first love, linocuts.

hand cake 9x12

hands 15x 6

the pets 18x 8

After exploring more traditional mono-prints with a press, i've realized my limitations,
or lack therefore and compensated. I can't leave well enough alone: I've got to combine.
I've been calling these series the Elements Series but now I think I've reached another part with the tree ones.

lizzard face 11x 14

worried 17x 12

Also I''ve finally started to explore larger surface areas and better quality papers, after a suggestion from an instructor.
The larger paper size and better quality rice papers give me the psychology experience of taking this a little more seriously.
Prints are art too.

earth home 9x 12

© Heidi Younger


Shelley Whiting said...

Very elegant and delicate works. Dreamlike and magical. The details and craftmanship are amazing. Beautiful and captivating artwork.

sheree boyd said...

Loverly! i thought the lizard was a dino on fire! heehee...

if you get a chance there is a petition to try to stop the japanese from killing whales and dolphins...go to www.whalesrevenge.com

supposed to be 80 degrees on Sunday! SWEET!