Mission Linocut: Reunite meet

Alas the BQ (Brooklyn Queens) Print club reunites to the occasion of the return of Inga Poslitur, who had moved across country last summer. For her visit we met to eat chocolate, drink tea and coffee and make a linocut, and of course trade with each other.

It was a cold day in the very early part of this New Year, the place: my studio.
The crew: Me, David Klein, Charles Basman and of course Inga Poslitur. Each of the members received a 6 inch square piece of linoleum, they were told to bring a sketch.
This is what we did in one afternoon.

We did eat, catch up, drink warm beverages and delighted in each other’s company. *I miss you all!
Not only that, I think we all learned a bit from each other, particularly working side by side with Klein who is an extremely experienced printmaker.
With my tearful, cheerful request to reconvene our club on a regular basis, Inga will skype in with us.

Okay, the fun is done, time to get back to life. Until we meet up again.
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