San Francisco in January

Heidi Younger and Inga Poslitur take on San Fran

In January I often escape NYC as many northern climate prisoners do. To a sunny, warm place if anything to indulge my vitamin D supply of course, helps get through the winter. This year I visited my good friend Inga Poslitur who recently moved to San Francisco.

That's me on the prison island of Alcatraz looking off at the distant Golden Gate Bridge

I love SF and visited many times, while in college (many years ago) I even tried to find a job there to move. Okay, this winter back east is a mild one with temperatures pretty comparable with San Fran, but it’s that golden light that seems to only exist on the west coast that I was absorbing.

My hostess was awesome, she enlighten me on the quality of breakfast, afterwards we would spend mornings painting from Inga’s sun room studio, often baking.

Green Tea and Mochi at the Japanese tea garden.

Then I would wander using the local buses, which was easy and fun. You can learn a lot by a city’s bus goers. Golden Gate Park was close by and such a large park, I’d equate it with Central Park in NY.

more from the tea garden

Inside there was an area The Japanese Tea Garden. Totally worth a stop. I had a snack while enjoying the gardens.

We need to search out new landscapes, drink different coffees, and eat new foods. Make art, sit on a bench and soak in the winter sun. This all goes into the database to immerge in a piece of art or an illustration.

I want to especially thank Rivkah and Nik for also being awesome hosts. You guys rock! And of course Inga for her awesome friendship and for teaching me how to make Turkish style coffee.

What a treat for me to stumble into this WPA mural by Lucien Labaudt. One of my favorite periods is the art from the WPA. This was painted using the fresco technique.

Photos © Heidi Younger

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