Pink Face Series continues....

"Can I Park Here?" acrylic on wood panels, diptych 2012 * pink head series

I’ve been continuing on my series involving highly flexible women and aloof pink men’s heads. I finally finished up the diptych titled “Can I Park Here.”
I created the sketches back in January when I was out in San Francisco, there are more from my trip that are still in the works. It’s been a series that I’ve been kicking around since the fall. A friend was visiting and he asked my WHY ? Do we artists have to explain our work to make sense to the viewer? I’ve always been a part of the school that invites the viewer’s participation.

Working this past winter in my studio.

Anyway when pressed I guess the “sexual” nature of the series is just a female point of view. God knows we have enough men’s point of views of female sexuality. (Am I right Women?)
Perhaps the flexible women twist according to their aloof man. LOL I also liked the stubbly beard on the guy on the left, rather then the clean-shaven guy who is flipped. The woman is more “on top” of him, with belly touching, more engagement?


Anyway a few more paintings are in the works, and a bunch of linocuts as well.

My biggest fan naps in the studio corner. Cookie my elderly crippled dachshund.

Cookie is still the powerhouse that she always was, now at 14 ! She tends to sleep a lot these days. Older dogs snore, it’s rather endearing. Big heart Cookie.

© Heidi Younger

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