Smithtown High School East

The engaging Mr. Tim Needles art teacher at my old High School, asked me to come in and give a presentation to his AP class. How could I refuse my old Alma Mater, even though I wasn't a super huge fan of High School when I was there (call it teenage angst)? It was very interesting to see the old place.

Setting up my presentation in chronological order really made me think about my 23 years as an illustrator. Time seemed to go fast.

The students were such a delight. They were warm and interesting and talented. They are many times more sophisticated then I was when I was at their present state. They also were big fans of each other, telling me what their classmates amazing strengths are, such a great class dynamic.

I enjoyed visiting with them. I wish them much success in their futures!
Actually I know they will all have great futures.

I loved seeing what they were working on. I was very impressed too.

All photos by © Tim Needles 2012
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