Pink Head Series with Wiener Dogs

"Tears" 16x 20 acrylic on wood -------- Finally scanned in "Tears" part of the pink head series. It's an acrylic painting on wood panel. I have since moved on to making some linocuts/ mono-prints along this theme. Just playing with the shapes and concepts. I just love drawing figures in various states of flexibility.
Meanwhile this weekend Zoe was my delightful house guest. She's a 12 year old red smooth dachshund, who also had back surgery too, about 2 years ago. Zoe's recovery was much more successful then my Cookies surgery. I enjoyed having 2 doxies. Only the barking was the down fall. When one dog barked the other will join in, a frenzy of neurotic madness, and Zoe was starting to miss her parents and her brother (human). I played relaxing ambient music, it did help.
Proofs, linocut/ monotype assemblages
Just in the play/proof stage.
Lazy Sunday afternoon after an invigorating walk, the girls enjoy the light music.

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