Firenze Street Life

I trek all the way to Florence for a month to study magnificent Renaissance art only to bring you my collection of street art. The street is a direct sociological way to peer into a culture to see what graffiti artists find important to showcase. I found some extremely clever. Also in my collection there are some ancient graffiti from the Coliseum in Rome and to Ancient Pompeii. Don't get me wrong, I am not into name tags, but art only. Something that I found atheistically pleasing or intellectually clever.
Intense driving skills are required in all of Italy. There doesn't seem to be any real rules. The streets in Florence are tiny winding medieval streets. The side walks are practically nonexistent. Interesting pedestrian skills were acquired as cars and bikes are faster then you walkers and you MUST run! ------- This guy was just hanging out, apparently he has a facebook page you can follow. Sorry I didn't write it down. Butt I did manage this shot.
Found this near the train station in Rome. It was done on tile.
As promised here's some ancient Roman Graffiti. The top is a carving of a bird from the woman's baths in Pompeii. Below is a gladiator from the Coliseum in Rome. Interesting man and women carved into the rocks. The gladiator is like a children's comic book, obviously the men were into the violent games. There was other carvings of animals and gladiators fighting. This guy has a long spear. As for the women, they made images of birds. What can I say? Sweet really.
Final, an abstract piece found in Rome. Nice composition and colors, that's why I shot it. All photos ©Heidi Younger June 2012

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is it wrong that one of my favorite shots is of the bull dog? :)