A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit Rome. Such a modern hustling city, yet so rooted in history. Everywhere you look there is something historic which is nearly a common day occurrence. Laying under each foot step is remnants of an ancient time. In a way it was a bit spooky. Especially the Capuchin Monks Crypt. With their reminder, "what you are i once was what i am you will be."
It is said that much of the ruins of Rome wasn't known until Mussolini' s public works and the construction of the Roman subway, once they started digging they uncovered many ancient roman ruins. After the fall of Rome the Colosseum was used as a source for building supplies. Marbles and Iron were extracted from the building as it lay in ruin.
LIfe flourishes with the sculptures that live everywhere. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of something funny or ironic.
The Pantheon, built in 126 AD. I've learned about this fascinating building since my first art history class. With the largest ancient concrete dome. Painter Raphael is buried inside. I was struck with how very ancient this building looked, it is so dark and massive. The turn off was the street sales men trying to sell their knock off purses on the portico of this building that seems to demand some respect but wasn't in this case.
All photos © Heidi Younger

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sheree boyd said...

love the history lessons you are presenting here with your photos! And wow, capuchin monkey's had a crypt in Rome? just kidding... :)

your story of the knock off purse sellers in front of such a majestic building reminds me of the story of Jesus and the money changers...where people were buying and selling in front of the temple...kind of interesting. :)