Pixelated: The Art of Digital Illustration July 21 - Dec. 9, 2012 Opening Reception: 5:30-8 p.m., Friday, Aug. 3, 2012


The Art of Digital Illustration will bring 27 illustrations by the most widely recognized and awarded illustrators working today to the Low Illustration Gallery at the New Britain Museum of American Art from July 21–December 9. Curated by Scott Bakal, an accomplished award winning illustrator and professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the exhibition will open a window into the world of the modern illustrator and the tools and techniques that have transformed the face of illustration in the 21st century. Collectively, the artists participating in Pixelated: The Art of Digital Illustration have been the makers of some of the most recognizable images in today’s visual culture. The exhibition will feature an interactive display with digital galleries and video reels of artists’ portfolios to extend viewing opportunities. By providing a glimpse into artists’ creative use of digital media, Pixelated: The Art of Digital Illustration celebrates the intersections between art and technology to showcase the exciting possibilities of contemporary illustration.


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The New Britain Museum of American Art

My piece "Wetlands"

Jack Tom and Heidi Younger

The roster of featured artists spans generations from the most seasoned illustrators with over three decades of experience to some of the youngest and newest names in the field. Artists Include: Alessandro Gottardo (Shout!), Barbara Nessim, Brian Stauffer, Chris Spollen, Dale Stephanos, Edel Rodriguez, Harry Campbell, Heidi Younger, Jack Tom, James Yang, Jason Kernevich & Dustin Summers (Heads of State), Katherine Streeter, Lisa Desimini, Leo Espinosa, Marcos Chin, Mark Bender, Matt Mahurin, Melinda Beck, Nancy Stahl, Richard Borge, Todd Lockwood, Tomer Hanuka, Victo Ngai, William Low, Yuko Shimizu and Zina Saunders

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