Some of my favorite Renaissance Paintings from Firenze Italy

These few picks from my month in Italy only scratch the surface of my favorite Renaissance Paintings. 
I'll slowly add them to my blog.  I found the paintings that spoke to me the most were the once still in the spaces (churches mostly) where they were intended to be.
The museums were great, but seeing these amazing works in the actual place they were intended for totally blew me away.
And example is this first one by Jacopo Pontormo Deposizion (1525) painted on the spot in that very frame at Santa Felicita.
This mannerist painting depicts the chaos that ins sued with the Christ crucifixion. Look closely at those faces. This painting lives in a space right to the right of the entrance, behind a cage in the dark. Pay a euro for the light to come on.

Jacopo Pontormo (1494-1557) Deposizion (1525)
Giovanni Masaccio The Expulsion (1426)
Masaccio only lived 26 years, in that time he did major works. The Expulsion lives in the Brancacci Chapel. Again look at those faces. This piece had fig leaves painted over  Adam and Eve's "junk" when it was cleaned it was truly revealed. 

Raising of the Son of Theophilus 

Also in the Brancacci Chapel is this major fresco work titled "Raising of the Son of Theophilus."  50 years later Filippino Lippi  was commissioned to paint over the faces to "update" with the latest faces of the important people. 

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