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plant in a cup • gouache Nov. 2013

pattern plant • 2013

Can you believe it? It’s already December! I am glad. This was a crazy Fall for me, so busy. 
One thing about this season is the amount of Darkness! It gets dark by 4:30 pm. And this year it feels so black to me. I know my body wants me to hibernate. My mind however has been introspective. And the art I’ve been making has all been small still-lifes. 

When I visit my Mom, who is now 80, I search her vast collection of plants. My Mom, bless her, loves plants, she even puts the leaves that knock off and roots them in a small cup of water. Nothing goes in the garbage. She celebrates all life. She is very special. So when I visit I look around and find a plant to draw and paint. 

I just want something small and simple to paint. I guess my attention is as limited as the daylight.
So these little drawing/paintings fill up my sketchbook. I use gouache and pen/marker on h2o paper.

As Thanksgiving passed I think I felt disappointment at how commercial and materialistic the holiday has become. I just can’t agree that stores open on Thanksgiving is a good thing.
What has happened to the quiet peaceful holiday where we reflect on our gratitude with our loved ones?
It seems that Christmas was always a commercial holiday, but now it encroached into Thanksgiving.
Anyhoo you won’t find me shopping on that day.

I am grateful that I understand all this. 

© Heidi Younger
round leaf plant • gouache and brown pen • 2013

spiky ones • gouache and pen • 2013

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