Dachshund Update 14

Dachshund Update 14

Adorable Dasharella Cookie under went her 4rd acupuncture treatment today. She knows the situation, we travel a long way, and she gets extra treats, then the needles. How effective has it been? Well, there is reflex action and resistance in the muscles, which has been there all along, as for walking, we're still hoping. For now she has her dog wheelchair and her human slave to carry her everywhere (I'm glad she's only 11 lbs.). The progress is very slow, Dr. Wen explained that nerve cells only grow 1mm. per day, but there has been some progress. Water therapy has been recommended and is next on the agenda. Thanks for all the support to those who read my dachshund updates and send me very uplifting e-mails.

* photo Heidi and Cookie


Mt. said...


God bless Cookie!
(and her slave! )



Heidi Younger Illustration said...

and bless you Milton!

: 0 )