Illustration Class of 2007

Wear Black
Class of 2007 a -Masters of Illustration- in our final days after our filming session yesterday. At this point, with most of the thesis behind us, we are preparing for our show. First Class Storytellers, a Capstone- Opening June 7 at the Museum at FIT NYC. 20 months went fast, however was very intensive, for the most part each of us has changed tremendously and vow to continue our dedication to illustration and growth.
Heck, I love you guys!
* That would be Chad in the center


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

I'll start the comments, first off, thanks Vincent Di Fate for taking the photo, second, thanks Melanie for setting up every thing, and thinking of us.
I do wish everyone the best. I nearly can't believe the end is so near... tear.

Anonymous said...

"When in doubt, wear black" - Kenzo